About Digital Distortion productions

We are a full-service video production company based in Chicago. Our services include video production, photography, graphic design, content creation, content marketing, website design and brand development.

Our goal is to provide professional, affordable and accessible video content for local, small and B2B businesses so they can grow and use this content as a tool to market themselves and understand their audience. Video content can be one of the most powerful tools you can use to convert more clients. Whether you own a restaurant, e-commerce store or sell rental space, video can help your customers "try before they buy" in a sense. Working together we craft content that converts your target audience and significantly boosts ROI.

We strategize our video production and creative services based on providing attention-getting content that is customized and SEO optimized for your business's specific goals. Making sure your content is relevant and is reaching your target audience is the whole point right?! At DDPROD we choose to have personalized strategic partnerships with our clients in this way to keep your brand's message and content consistent.

What makes us different than others in the video production and design industry is our approach in helping you grow your business from concept to execution. We have professional in-house storytellers dedicated to conveying your brand's message through video while also offering all the services you need to help establish your business, create awareness and gain more customers. We value an intimate relationship with our clients and are happy to be your one-stop shop!

Contact us for your next commercial, explainer video, promotional video, product video, testimonial, social media teaser or facebook/instagram story. We also can provide videography, promotional videos or full coverage for live events such as Corporate Parties, Conventions, etc.

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I am an artist and have had a passion revolving around all things cinematic and visual since I was a child. I started out painting, designing and creating video content for events and art galleries in Chicago. I found myself directing, producing, shooting, editing and even acting in productions for myself and others in the years leading up to the launch of my company. Visualizing shots, creating a whole new world or uncovering things for people to see in a new way became part of life. I have experienced every job that goes into production from pre to post. The creative freedom and exploration I had at the beginning of my career as a professional artist truly shaped the way we do business today giving us our own style. I wanted to provide the visual content, education, and services it took learning the hard way to start my business from the ground up. I feel like video production is just a piece of this company and think of us more as a creative content solution for our clients.

Hope Taylor, CEO


"The Difference Between Dreaming and Reality is Execution”

The Executive Artist