Top 10 Ways To Market Your Video Content in 2018
  By Hope Taylor | DDPROD | A.F.T.A.

By Hope Taylor | DDPROD | A.F.T.A.

So just how important is marketing your video content in 2018?


Video Marketing 2018

Video Marketing in 2018 has transformed into one of the most important strategies you can apply to your business to drive results. Using video opens up so many doors for marketing, sales and analytics the opportunities are limitless. Just look at the stats reported from Wyzowls annual video marketing survey and see for yourself.

For Businesses

99% of businesses who use video say they will continue to do so in 2018. (the same percentage as last year)

85% of businesses regard video as an important part of their marketing strategy. (up from 82% in 2017)

78% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI.

97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

76% say it helped them increase sales.

47% say it helped them reduce support queries.

76% say it helped them increase traffic.

80% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their website.

Consumers Say…

95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

69% of people have been convinced to buy a piece of software or application by watching a video.

Having watched a branded video that they enjoyed, 83% of consumers would consider sharing it with their friends.

85% of people say they’d like to see more video from brands in 2018.

Where both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service.


That’s Great…But How Do Does That Work For Me?

As great as video marketing is there is a specific way to go about it or else it could cost you BIG TIME! Video marketing done correctly and you can take your business to the next level, video marketing done wrong and your business may suffer…

So how can you effectively market your videos?

Below we composed some best in practice tips to go about strategy planning to launching your next video campaign.




To have any success creating or marketing your video I wanted to stress how important it is that you ask yourself these questions before you begin your endeavours.

Who is your target audience?

This is who you are wanting to market your video to. Targeting your audience gives you a clear goal of who you want to see your video and who you think your clients are. By defining your demographic you increase your chances at reaching more clients that will convert. Try writing down a list of who you see as your clientele noting their interests, location, age, etc. Creating this will give you a general idea of who to go after when setting up your advertising platforms.

What’s the goal?

What are you trying to achieve with your video marketing. More website traffic, increase sales, increase awareness? Having a definite goal in mind keeps a system of checks and balances for each video campaign ran. You can then use the information from each finished campaign to see how close you came to your goal and improve on it or continue to stay the course.

Where will your video be going?

What platform are you choosing to market your video on? This is important because optimization of your final content is important for conveying your message. No one likes to look at cut off words or scrunched up images, try to plot these out beforehand. Pro Tip: Vertical video and square video has taken horizonals place as having the most engagement for social media platforms. It shows users interact more when coming across vertical or square video. This is contingent on the video’s goal and target audience of course, but I would still use all methods because platform to platform you need a good mix of content as well as optimization.

When will your video be released?

Set a goal for your production and stick to it. Pro Tip: if you are releasing a music video or something that you can build anticipation for, then starting a month out from your release date and use smaller custom promo videos, snippets from the video or stills to ramp up your campaign!




TIP #1 Keep It Short

There are a lot of videos out there and a lot of video watchers, but long drawn out videos will hurt you more than help. Depending on what you are trying to achieve 15 seconds to 2 minutes MAX is reasonable for your content. Think as if you were a customer. How long do you watch videos you see on a daily basis?


What does that mean? I will give you an example. You post a video on youtube, then you go to facebook and share the link to your video as a post. It doesn’t seem like there is anything wrong with this and I would even recommend doing this after you do this next tip I’m going to tell you. Upload your video through facebook even if it is already on youtube. Facebook and most platforms will not rank your content as high if it comes from a 3rd party source. Weird I know, but trust me this will help. Then you can repost during the week your youtube link as well as resharing the facebook post for remarketing. This goes for all social platforms in my opinion.

TIP#3-4-5-6 Before You Light Your Hard Earned Money On Fire…

Before jumping into the pay to play advertising pool (which you will have to …we all have to arghhh) I would recommend sharing your video content on as many platforms as possible, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Websites, Blogs, Groups and Chats, Google+, family, friends, non-friends.

Start up social business pages on all platforms that apply to your company. Get a google analytics account and link it to your website, (oh yeah, get a website if you don’t have one!). Get an adwords account, but make sure you have an idea of the who, what, where, when and enough content to keep pushing out to stay top of mind with your consumers. It’s one thing to run a campaign and a successful one at that, but what happens after… Honestly you are probably forgotten, it’s just the way it is. I can’t stress enough to think as your audience. Do you remember the name of every company’s video you see online or social platforms? Probably not so keep up the hard work if you got this far. It may seem overwhelming, but think of them as important biteable tasks to get you where you want to go and chip away at them one by one.


TIP #7 Claim Your Fame

Another budget friendly tip I can give is to get some good press. If you sit around and wait to get noticed by the “right people” or somehow it will come crashing into your house, like some giant successful Mr. Kool Aid Man ( that would be sweet by the way), then you will be sorely disappointed. Features and write ups by bloggers or online magazines are a great way to boost a campaign and build hype before and after the video release. There are always online publications looking for stories and new releases to fill there deadlines. Reach out to your local media or scout some blogs that fit in with what your target audience and goal is.

TIP #8 Have Fun With It

These are the best years you have and honestly if you’re considering and acting on video marketing, then you’re taking your business seriously and hopefully making a living off doing what you love. There are a lot of “how tos” on the web and information on the “best in practice” ways to go about marketing your content, so learn as much as you can and apply as much that fits in to see what works best. If you need any consulting, graphic design, websites, photography or video production services we do all of these things. Digital Distortion Productions can be the remedy to all your creative content needs with in-house and on-site production and design experts to cover you from beginning to end. We started this company to ease the confusion and garbage tornado that is brought upon when having to put the seemingly never ending puzzle pieces of a brand’s image together. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information by phone, email or filling out some details on our site. Contact Us Here

(Yes, that was a plug. And now it’s over.)

NIN Tour: "Cold and Black and Infinite"


"Cold and Black and Infinite"

 Photography By A.F.T.A.

Photography By A.F.T.A.



Reaching the middle of their tour, “Cold and Black and Infinite” Nine Inch Nails played night one of three at the Aragon Ballroom with The Jesus & Mary Chain and Gabe Gurnsey.

It was as if Trent shot out of a cannon on stage Thursday night starting off the show. I have to say from his dancing, smiling and ad-libbed lyrics he really brought something special to the event you can only get from being there. The band did not disappoint, taking us on a musical emotional roller coaster, as well as Reznor telling a story of his time seeing Ministry at Aragon as a fan in 1989!

Trent also whole heartedly told the crowd, “Thank you, we needed this”. I am not exactly sure what that means, but if he is referring to the love and support of his Chicago fans, he has it! Two nights remain in Chicago and I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

Check out the set list below.


  1. Mr. Self Destruct

  2. The Perfect Drug

  3. Wish

  4. Less Than

  5. March of the Pigs

  6. The Lovers

  7. This Isn't the Place

  8. Reptile

  9. Shit Mirror

  10. Ahead of Ourselves

  11. God Break Down the Door

  12. Copy of A

  13. Gave Up

  14. I'm Afraid of Americans

    (David Bowie cover)

  15. The Hand That Feeds

  16. Starfuckers, Inc.

    (first time played since 2008)

  17. Head Like a Hole


  1. All the Love in the World

  2. Over and Out

  3. Hurt

( Setlist from

Get your tickets for nights two and three of the Chicago tour here:


A.F.T.A. TASTE: The Night Of Synth & Sounds...

Empty Bottle Review 10/22/2018

By Hope Taylor | A.F.T.A.

The Empty Bottle lineup on Monday took dystopia-synth pop and 90’s Industrial electronic to a new level! I enjoyed the eb and flow of each artists performance not only in matching sound, but in each ones intricate style and setup as well! Let me explain further...

Z. Soniat

This heavy hitting act nails down the term EBM - “electronic body music”. This is the first time I am hearing of this genre, “EBM” and I can only describe it as sounding industrial in nature with Kraftwork resembling beats, mixed with Dark Detroit Techno. The live performance was awesome, as well as intricate and left me curious as to how she hot wired up corded phones to change the pitch and frequency of her music!?

Check out more here:


This guy really took me by surprise…In a good way! His quiet demeanor and look coming to stage does not prepare you for the intense industrial edge he brings. It’s like NIN mixed with Prodigy, mixed with every electronic 90’s heavy industrial synth influence all packed into one. For his performance he really went all out using a mix of live complex drum sequences, aggressive synths and a strong partially modularized vocal effect throughout the show. If you don’t know him yet, you’re missing out!

Check him out on bandcamp here:

Jenny Pulse

This evening’s main event was Jenny Pulse, she was celebrating her Record Release show for the new album, Marmalade (out Friday, October 26, via New York label Drop Medium).

Her vibe is very synth-pop, meeting in the middle with an electro-indie house feel. The performance was definitely more calm compared to the other acts that evening. If your looking for smooth beats and breathy, dream-like vocals then look no further.

Check out her Soundcloud here:

Gel Set

This artist has a beautiful, airy and subtly eerie voice that rings throughout her tracks. She combines this with a new wave feel, heavy synth sounds and hard experimental/industrial beats.

Check her out on bandcamp here:

A.F.T.A. Taste: "Hotdogs & Happy Hour with Zimmermann"


Oct 19th - Nov 10th
Second Floor Exhibition Space
Curated by Sergio Gomez

Video/Photography: by Digital Distortion Productions & A.F.T.A.

By Hope Taylor | A.F.T.A.

If you don't know local artist Jeff Zimmermann, just spend a day strolling around Chicago and you are sure to see some of his nostalogic work. Living and working in the Pilsen area, I was taken back by seeing such works of art covering the buildings and alleyways.  His use of modern pop culture, bright colors and grandeur portraits silently speak for themselves while leaving the final narrative up to you.

I find it a real talent he uses local faces as his characters to paint a story that is so raw, in-form. The subjective and subliminal messages take on a life of their own as he intertwined his passion for local community and informing us of the past and present.

Zimmermann uses the faces of the everyday person leaving us to think within ourselves, is there even such a thing? In leaving out the idolized identities we are oversaturated with in today's media, he opens up new doors for a personalized and universal story to exist in his work.

Bells of symbolism ring throughout his collection with a bright color scheme and three-dimensional attention to detail. Guns, Lips, Lollipops, Chicago Style Hotdogs as well as his series of “Love Knots” all nail down an implied meaning while keeping a playful edge. Zimmermann’s larger collage elements seem to dance in the negative space of his canvas so well, leaving the the right amount of breathing room in between.

I could go on and on about Jeff Zimmermann’s work, BUT you should just go check it out for yourself!


Zhou B Art Center

1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609

Second Floor Exhibition Space

Oct 19th - Nov 10th