A.F.T.A. Taste: "Hotdogs & Happy Hour with Zimmermann"


Oct 19th - Nov 10th
Second Floor Exhibition Space
Curated by Sergio Gomez

Video/Photography: by Digital Distortion Productions & A.F.T.A.

By Hope Taylor | A.F.T.A.

If you don't know local artist Jeff Zimmermann, just spend a day strolling around Chicago and you are sure to see some of his nostalogic work. Living and working in the Pilsen area, I was taken back by seeing such works of art covering the buildings and alleyways.  His use of modern pop culture, bright colors and grandeur portraits silently speak for themselves while leaving the final narrative up to you.

I find it a real talent he uses local faces as his characters to paint a story that is so raw, in-form. The subjective and subliminal messages take on a life of their own as he intertwined his passion for local community and informing us of the past and present.

Zimmermann uses the faces of the everyday person leaving us to think within ourselves, is there even such a thing? In leaving out the idolized identities we are oversaturated with in today's media, he opens up new doors for a personalized and universal story to exist in his work.

Bells of symbolism ring throughout his collection with a bright color scheme and three-dimensional attention to detail. Guns, Lips, Lollipops, Chicago Style Hotdogs as well as his series of “Love Knots” all nail down an implied meaning while keeping a playful edge. Zimmermann’s larger collage elements seem to dance in the negative space of his canvas so well, leaving the the right amount of breathing room in between.

I could go on and on about Jeff Zimmermann’s work, BUT you should just go check it out for yourself!


Zhou B Art Center

1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609

Second Floor Exhibition Space

Oct 19th - Nov 10th