NIN Tour: "Cold and Black and Infinite"


"Cold and Black and Infinite"

Photography By A.F.T.A.

Photography By A.F.T.A.



Reaching the middle of their tour, “Cold and Black and Infinite” Nine Inch Nails played night one of three at the Aragon Ballroom with The Jesus & Mary Chain and Gabe Gurnsey.

It was as if Trent shot out of a cannon on stage Thursday night starting off the show. I have to say from his dancing, smiling and ad-libbed lyrics he really brought something special to the event you can only get from being there. The band did not disappoint, taking us on a musical emotional roller coaster, as well as Reznor telling a story of his time seeing Ministry at Aragon as a fan in 1989!

Trent also whole heartedly told the crowd, “Thank you, we needed this”. I am not exactly sure what that means, but if he is referring to the love and support of his Chicago fans, he has it! Two nights remain in Chicago and I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

Check out the set list below.


  1. Mr. Self Destruct

  2. The Perfect Drug

  3. Wish

  4. Less Than

  5. March of the Pigs

  6. The Lovers

  7. This Isn't the Place

  8. Reptile

  9. Shit Mirror

  10. Ahead of Ourselves

  11. God Break Down the Door

  12. Copy of A

  13. Gave Up

  14. I'm Afraid of Americans

    (David Bowie cover)

  15. The Hand That Feeds

  16. Starfuckers, Inc.

    (first time played since 2008)

  17. Head Like a Hole


  1. All the Love in the World

  2. Over and Out

  3. Hurt

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